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Feb 5, 2014

This tour of the "Photosynthesis" file included with SPARKvue 2 highlights some of the key features of PASCO's SPARKlabs designed to engage students in science investigations.


  • opening SPARKlab files from various sources [0:15]
  • opening a SPARKlab included in SPARKvue [0:49]
  • using built-in student assessments...

Feb 5, 2014

A mass on a spring provides data for analysis in this overview of SPARKvue 2's Build path, Journal feature, and Sharing options.


Key features covered:

  • building a SPARKlab page [0:37]
  • changing the sample rate [2:14]
  • determining the period of oscillation from a sine curve fit [3:12]
  • adding a snapshot to the journal...

Feb 5, 2014

This overview of the Show Path of the SPARKvue 2 software demonstrates a reaction between an antacid tablet and vinegar while covering these specific features:

  • connecting a PASPORT sensor via an interface [0:53]
  • selecting a single measurement for the Show path [2:23]
  • starting data collection [2:43]
  • navigating between...