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Aug 27, 2012

See these PASCO Capstone features in action as we use the 850 Universal Interface's output to drive an LRC circuit through a range of frequencies in search of resonance:

  • Signal Generator with a frequency sweep
  • Fast Monitor Mode
  • Scope display
  • FFT display

Podcast Bonus: "Interference and Diffraction" PASCO Capstone Workbook

Aug 8, 2012

Here's the PASCO Capstone file used in the "PASCO Capstone Workbooks" podcast episode:

Aug 8, 2012

Learn how to use and modify labs in PASCO Capstone's workbook format, which can contain text, images, movies, data displays, and text boxes for student responses.

The sample Interference and Diffraction workbook file shown here is available for download from the podcast blog.